Exceptional Pool Landscaping Adds a Finishing Touch

Landscaping Service for Pools and Yards

Elegantly designed and expertly planted landscaping completes the look of any new pool – and it’s even more important in our tropical Hawaiian environment. Carefully selected botanical elements, along with decking, rock walls, and premium fencing, help your pool harmonize with its natural surroundings.

Pool and yard landscaping services from Hawaii Pools emphasize plants and trees native to the tropics or the Hawaiian Islands. Just as we do with the design of your pool, all recommendations are according to your tastes. Planting the right species beautifies your pool environment and assures the plants will thrive.

Don’t overlook landscaping as you build or renovate your pool – it completes the look.

Understanding our Islands’ microclimates and their effect on horticulture is essential for the best landscape design. As local pool designers and builders serving Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai, we bring deeper experience and knowledge, which extends to landscaping and everything we do.

The Perfect Pool Landscaping for Hawaii

When considering how to landscape a pool in Hawaii, the answer is to emphasize the unique beauty of our tropical environment. Pool landscape designers have a distinct focus that’s different from general residential and commercial landscaping.

Examples of our pool landscaping highlights include:

Hawaiian hibiscus and other tropical blooms

Palms, grasses, and elegant leafy garden plants

Groundcover in place of mowed lawns as appropriate

Species adaptable to coastal, inland, and upland climates

Weather resilience to withstand intense sun, wind & rain.

Build flower beds to provide some protection from the elements.

We work hard to make working with us at Hawaii Pools a refreshing experience at every phase of the process, including landscaping. We’ll create a unique outdoor aquatic environment that brings the ocean’s spirit to you, and we are available to meet all your residential and commercial pool and landscaping needs.

A Holistic Approach About Natural Beauty

You’ll find our work stands above the rest because we follow a holistic approach in everything we do – our people love the islands where we live and work. Many companies have the technical know-how to build a pool in Hawaii. But how will it look? That’s where our commitment to excellence comes in.

We offer complete landscaping services to complement the pools, decking, rock walls, and bespoke fencing we design and build. All play a role in creating an exceptional pool area that enhances your home. When you open the door to step outside, we want you to love what you see every time.

Our pool landscapers’ approach is inspired by a deep appreciation for tropical and native plants and trees. We have the experience and insight gained from years working in Honolulu and elsewhere on Oahu, as well as Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. Our design considers microclimates and each plant species’ needs.

Hawaii Pool installation contractor, Big Island, Maui, Kona, & Oahu.

Pool Landscape Design for Every Need

Landscaping a pool area has functional priorities beyond the added beauty of greenery. During the design and planning phases, we’ll talk with you about your preferences and make several site visits. You’ll receive a final proposal that honors your needs and enhances the enjoyment of your pool.

  • Use plants to create privacy
  • Create shaded areas if needed
  • Hide things you don’t want to see
  • Highlight and accent other features
  • Control erosion; hold soil and rocks in place

We strive to be the best pool builder Hawaii offers, and this requires considering every detail carefully. You’ll also appreciate our commitment to outstanding value, which means receiving outstanding quality at a surprisingly competitive price. We are committed to every customer’s complete satisfaction.

Can I Landscape My Pool Myself?

Many of our clients are avid gardeners who love being outdoors. While DIY pool landscaping might sound like a fun project, it’s a significant undertaking. Our crews, working together, can accomplish in a day what might take you weeks or months. We also bring professional-caliber planting equipment.

When experienced crews plant your pool garden together, achieving a coordinated look is easier than adding items one by one. You’ll also benefit from our planting expertise, which includes adding the right soil and drainage mixture to the planting beds. Feel free to ask us if you have questions when deciding.

Does Every Pool Need to be Landscaped?

In the 1970s to 80s, pools were primarily surrounded by concrete decking with minimal additional features. The hard surfaces were uncomfortable and, on sunny days, felt more like “hot boxes” anytime you weren’t in the pool. This shortened the time many people spent sitting in their pool areas.

From the 1990s to today, the trend has been to landscape pool areas for many good reasons. Adding plants and grasses looks and feels better than plain concrete. They often catch the wind to create soothing sounds, provide privacy and shade, and simply make your pool area look more inviting.

Custom water features for swimming pools, Hawaii. Pool waterfalls.

Ready to Learn More?

When you’re ready to learn more about landscaping your pool, we’d be delighted to visit your home or business to discuss your needs and preferences. If you’re planning to build a new pool or renovate one that needs repair or an upgrade, we can include landscape services in our project proposal.

Hawaii Pools is proud to be the Islands’ leading pool company, providing a complete service offering, including the best pool landscaping Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai have to offer.

Please call or contact us online today.

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