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Hawaii Pools is proud to be a premium custom luxury pool builder in Oahu. We design and build aquatic environments of distinction perfectly aligned with the aesthetics of your home or resort property. Our designers bring the same expertise to outdoor and indoor projects, all impeccably aligned with your needs and style preferences.

We build pools in Honolulu and everywhere else on the island with the same level of craft and attention to detail. You’ll benefit from our company’s 50 years of experience in the industry and our leading-edge approach to everything, whether it’s innovative design thinking or the use of state-of-the-art, energy-saving equipment, and we do it all for surprisingly competitive prices.

From custom spa design and remodeling services to pool tile repairs, Oahu pool contractor, Hawaii Pools does it all.

We Build Pools in Oahu’s Premier Areas

Oahu’s finest residences and premier properties require pools and pool areas of the highest caliber. Our designers have the utmost respect for your home’s architecture and the surrounding natural environment. We consider both as we present you with elegant options.

Luxury custom pool builders, Kahala, Hawaii.


Distinctive poolscapes for the for the Beverly Hills of Hawaii

Residential & commercial pool contractor, Waikiki & Diamond Head, Oahu.

Waikiki / Diamond Head

Residential and commercial projects with unmatched design

Black Point pool and spa company, Oahu.

Black Point

Elegant aquatic environments to complement ocean views

Oahu pool design and installation, Portlock, HI.


Beautiful family-friendly pools to transform your property

Hawaii Loa Ridge pool builders, Oahu.

Hawaii Loa Ridge

We design and build for new construction or existing homes

Installation and pool design services, Beachside, Oahu.


Luxury homes with an exclusive vibe deserve perfect pools

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy the utmost quality without sacrificing creativity. We’ll work with you to realize your vision and ensure it is reflected in every element. Our people are customer-focused, and ensuring your complete satisfaction is our goal at each step of the pool-building process.

What Kind of Pools Do You Design and Build?

Our expertise and 50 years of experience cover the spectrum. We’re also a complete solution, meaning we design and construct decks and patio areas and install rock walls and landscaping to finish your pool. You can work with us on any size or type of pool you desire.

  • Freeform design – complement natural or your property’s design
  • Infinity – one of the most stunning choices when you have a view
  • Plunge – cool off quickly and conserve patio or yard space
  • Lap – ideal for swimming enthusiasts and fitness buffs
  • Beach-entry – connect your home or resort to the adjacent beach

You may already have a pool type in mind. If yes, we’ll design and build it. If you’re looking for suggestions, we’ll make a site visit to see the space and gladly make recommendations.

Oahu swimming pool contractors install pools. Oahuʻs best pool company.

The Finest Residential Aquatic Environments

When building a pool, there are two considerations, and we help you maximize both. The first is enjoyment while you own and live in your home. The second is a significant enhancement to your property value. Pools are expected for real estate in higher price tiers and their quality matters.

How a pool looks is the first thing on people’s minds, but how it works is equally important. You can count on our knowledge and experience to design and install the best durable, low-maintenance, and longer-lasting equipment. It’s how we create exceptional value for our clients.

High-End Pool Renovations and Upgrades

If the pool at your home or commercial property is 15-20 years old or older, it’s likely time to consider a renovation or upgrade. We strive to be the best pool company Oahu offers, and it includes repairs and renovations. It’s always wise to consider design and system improvements when making repairs.

Pools designed in previous eras look bland by today’s standards. Making upgrades is a wise investment that adds a must to your enjoyment, and it does to your property value. You’ll also use a refreshed pool more and enjoy the improvements. It’s also nice to look outside and see noticeable improvements.

Oahu luxury pool designs for commercial & residential properties. Oahu pool designers.

Design Caliber Can Make or Break a Pool

A new or renovated pool provides the basis for a range of design opportunities. How they are used profoundly affects both appearance and function. Unless you are a devoted minimalist, most people would agree that added features and the area surrounding a pool set the tone and make a statement.

  • Ensuring that choices are appropriate for your aesthetic
  • Harmonizing all elements so they are visually complementary
  • Taking a holistic view of your property to inspire the pool
  • Considering the adjacent natural environment
  • Designing is people and use in mind to maximize value

Because we uniquely view each customer and property, you’re assured of fresh thinking and new ideas. We value and build long-term customer relationships and go out of our way to listen and understand your needs.

Oahu’s Commercial Pool Builder of Choice

With competition in the travel and tourism industry hitting historic highs and more resorts opening each year, the stakes have never been higher. It’s why you need the best commercial pool builder Oahu has available, and that’s us at Hawaii Pools. Our experience and quality will give you an edge.

We’ll create an exceptional design and bring the project in on time and budget.

Our designers are attuned to your branding, architecture, and target guests. We’ll maximize your available dollars and ensure the pool becomes a conversation starter and guest magnet. Today, people book travel almost entirely online, and having a photo-worthy pool means everything.

We understand your guests have dual priorities of relaxing and having fun. A well-designed pool area can offer both. We offer it all, from slides and bubblers for the kids (and young at heart) to peaceful waterfalls and elegant lighting for the relaxation-minded. Give us your specifications, and let us present you with visionary and budget-friendly design proposals.

Ready to Build an Indoor or Outdoor Pool in Oahu?

If you’ve been searching for an upscale pool company in Oahu, we hope you can tell you’re in the right place. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet you and pay a visit to your home or business. We’ll put 50 years of experience to work, helping you realize your vision for an indoor or outdoor pool.

At Hawaii Pools, we work hard to be different from our competitors. Everyone on our team is design, quality, and people-focused, and this philosophy guides everything we do. You won’t need to ask us twice if you have a special request or unique project. We’ll listen and get it right the first time.

We’re custom luxury pool builders serving a discerning clientele. Let us add beauty, quality of life, and curb or customer appeal to your residential or commercial property. You’ll be glad you did.

Oahu pool and spa design & installation for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Oahu pool contractor, Hawaii Pools.
More About Oahu

Oahu is home to Honolulu County and the surrounding metropolitan area, which is the largest and most prominent in the State of Hawaii. Its Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and Diamond Head are some of the world’s best-known and most highly visited tourist attractions. Hawaii’s world-famous surfing beaches, many on the North Shore, are also located on Oahu. ‘Iolani Palace in Honolulu, once home to the Hawaiian Royal Family, is a National Historic Landmark and the only royal residence in the United States. We build custom pools for residential and commercial customers anywhere in Oahu.

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